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Things That Aircon Repair Services Must Provide

A/C is used pretty much everywhere in Singapore due to climate variations. Once you install an aircon machine, it requires regular servicing and repairing down the lane. However, getting a repair done could be a little difficult at times if you don’t have sound knowledge of A/C machines. To overcome this, you need to choose a reliable aircon repair services provider. There are plenty of companies that provide aircon repair in Singapore. Your task is to pick the most trustworthy aircon repair company for your machine.

How to recognize a good aircon repair and servicing company?

A reliable aircon repair contractor would render you a range of aircon repair services from installation to regular services, or damage repair. Here are the services that you can opt for from a good aircon repair company.

Replacement and Installation

If your aircon breaks down often, the best advice an aircon repair expert could give you is to consider replacing the whole unit. In the same way, if your aircon’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) drops below 13, or if it uses R 22 Freon, a good repair service provider would suggest replacing it.

Carrying on an Energy Audit

Aircon is not the only electric appliance used in your house. Different appliances consume different amounts of energy. If your A/C unit is inefficient, there could be a high chance that it consumes excessive amounts of electricity, hiking your utility bills. A good aircon repair contractor would uncover issues like poor ventilation, or dysfunctional ducting through inspection, and repair your unit to cut off energy losses.

Cleaning and Servicing

Aircon units become less efficient when clogged with dust, animal fur, and other small particles that circulate in the air. It causes allergies like asthma. If neglected, eventually the filters may fail to pick up dirt. Over time, this deteriorates the functioning of your aircon. An expert aircon repair and servicing provider would easily identify this issue and would suggest getting your unit cleaned and serviced.

Repair Service

Replacement becomes an option only when the aircon keeps letting you down repetitively. Not every malfunctioning part of the machine needs a replacement. Some can be repaired cost-effectively to function just as fine as new. A trustworthy aircon repair services provider would suggest what is best for you, considering the condition of your aircon and your budget.

What Does a Reliable Aircon Repair Company Provide?

There are many service providers for aircon repair in Singapore. As a customer, you should be aware of the factors that you need to consider when picking a reliable one.

1. To ensure the safety of your property, and to build your trust, the repair contractor should always provide a legitimate license to prove his authority in practice.

2. The aircon repair company should guarantee that the fixed defects will not occur soon. This guarantee should be provided to the customer in written form along with the terms and conditions.

3. The customer should always be informed about the budget of the repair or the service. A written financing budget should be made after the inspection of a technician so that the customer can decide whether to proceed or not, considering his estimated budget.

4. The aircon repair contractor should present a one-page certificate of insurance to assure that you will not be liable for any damage that they cause to your aircon unit while repairing it.

5. A reliable repair service professional should always be punctual, honest, and excellent in communication. They should provide you with every single detail of the repair, and update you about the status of your A/C unit regularly. As well, they should be able to complete the repair and servicing within the estimated period unless an unseen circumstance occurs.

6. Signing a written agreement prior to the repair is another crucial factor to be considered. The service provider should present a legal contract and stipulate the terms and conditions of the service to ensure the professionalism and the quality of the work.

Hiring a Professional

When hiring a professional aircon repair contractor, make sure that you have considered all the crucial factors to receive the service that you require. A trustworthy aircon repair company will always ensure your convenience, safety, and meet your demands in the best way for an affordable budget.

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