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Our services cover almost any situation and we extend to both residential and commercial locations. Regardless of your problem, we can solve it!

Just some of our services include:

Air conditioners and refrigerators play important role in our day to day lives and are almost essential for any living but when they break down cause a lot of discomfort and we suddenly start thinking whether to buy new one or to repair the existing one. Buying new aircon may cost dearly, as we will first search for best aircon within our budget and an aircon installer. Then we have to get rid of existing aircon by either selling it at much lesser cost or by dumping it. So, buying an aircon will actually cost you much more by eating your time and money so people often look for best aircon repair/servicing in Singapore.

At Airwin, we do our best to cater all your air conditioning service needs whether its aircon repair or aircon installation in Singapore. We have been delivering smiles through our good services for years in Singapore, aircon servicing is one field where we have gained expertise. Our strength is our staff, we invest in our staff and train them on how to perform repair or servicing of aircon of all available brands in market. So, in short, we can say, there is no brand available on which our professionals can’t perform aircon servicing in Singapore. Till now we have performed more than hundreds of aircon installation and thousands of aircon serving and repair.

Aircon Maintenance & Servicing

Our trained technicians will assist you in maintaining and servicing your aircon to ensure that your airconditioner is in the tip-top condition.

Aircon Repair

We assist you to troubleshoot and assess your airconditioner to find out the problem, before recommending any repair.

Sale & Installation of Aircon

We sell and install all brands aircon. Call us now for our advice.

Who We Are?

Airwin Aircon & Fridge Services is an established and accredited fridge repair company that specializes in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of airconditioning systems and refrigerator appliances.

Our Staff are professionally trained to be familiar with all the popular brands and models of airconditioning systems and refrigerators in Singapore so that they can provide you with the best and fastest service in getting your systems and applicances up and ready to go, whether it's your home or at your office.

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