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Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling? Here Are 6 Signs That Your Refrigerator Compressor Has Gone Bad

Your refrigerator compressor is the heart of any cooling system. The moment it goes bad, your refrigerator system will produce negative effects like improper cooling or making abnormal noises. If you suspect that your refrigerator is not functioning well, it is best to contact an experienced refrigerator repair contractor.

Look out for these 6 signs of a failing refrigerator compressor.

1. Food going bad earlier than expected

This can be a sign that your refrigerator’s cooling power has deteriorated, causing it to take a longer time to cool to the desired food storage temperature. As a result, your food may decay faster, causing bacteria contamination to spread.

2. Back of your fridge is extremely hot

The heat produced is a byproduct of the compressor’s motor operation. If the back of your refrigerator unit is emitting high heat, it can indicate that your compressor is working much harder to keep the internal refrigerator temperature to a fixed value.

3. Fridge is making unusual noises

It is natural for your refrigerator to make some sounds like humming whenever it turns on. However, if the noise becomes too loud and unusual (e.g. grating and clunking noises), it could indicate a faulty compressor that needs to be checked.

4. Fridge is completely silent

On the other hand, if your refrigerator does not make any sound even after turning it on for a few minutes, this may indicate that your compressor motor is stalling and cannot start. You will need to contact a refrigerator repair contractor to diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

5. Spike in electricity consumption bills

Another telltale sign of a failing refrigerator compressor is that it is drawing in more electricity to keep the internal temperature of the fridge to what the thermostat has been set to. If you see a sudden surge in your utility bills, it can indicate that you have compressor trouble.

6. Your fridge is over ten years old

Last but not least, if your refrigerator unit is more than ten years old, it is best to consider getting it replaced. Like any electrical appliance, your refrigerator compressor motor can last for a period before it eventually breaks down and requires repair.

Professional fridge repair services in Singapore

Professional fridge repair services will be able to fix most refrigerator problems. You can also extend the lifespan of your refrigerator with regular maintenance done to its components.

Ensure your refrigerator is in top condition and working properly with professional fridge repair and maintenance services. Airwin Aircon & Fridge Services offers affordable and effective repair for fridge units of various models and types.

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